A Legatus Forum is a smaller, more intimate subset of the chapter moderated by a Forum member, a participant, who has been trained as a facilitator.  A new facilitator rotates into the role after about a year.

A Legatus Forum provides peer support from members that have similarly developed Catholic ‘moral consciences’ and hold/held leadership positions of equality or have been the support arm – the spouse (some would say backbone) of the leader, who ‘share’ and ‘grow’ in a personal environment and through that interaction help each other and themselves in strengthening their faith, families and marriages, and in leading their businesses and, in many instances, their communities.

In Summary – A Legatus Forum is:

  • A group of currently enrolled Legates who meet once a month.
  • A place for spiritual growth.
  • A way to challenge your faith and grow in it.
  • A time to share joys and problems in complete confidentiality.
  • A problem-solving tool for Legatus business leaders and/or their spouses.
  • Insight and feedback on critical issues
  • Sharing, ‘in a safe place’ – even showing their vulnerabilities.

If you are a current member of the Denver Chapter and wish to learn more about Forums, please contact our Legatus Denver Chapter Forum Coordinator, Mike Sullivan at (303) 618-2396 mikesullivan2@me.com

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