The Legatus Denver Chapter presents two annual awards:

The Ambassador of the Year Award and The Legatus Award

The Ambassador of the Year award is presented to the chapter member who represents our mission and ministry “to study, live and spread the Catholic Faith in our business, professional and personal lives.”
2016 – Larry Smith Ambassador winner
2016 – Deacon Steve Stemper Legatus Award
2015 – Curtis Martin

2014 – Rich Todd
2013 – Tim Gray
2012 – Lynn Grandon

2011 – Steve Markel

2010 – Joseph Janiczek

2009 – Jim Davis

2008 – Terry Combs

2007 – Vince Schmitz was the first recipient of the award.

A Christ the King Cross with engraved name plate is given to each Ambassador of the Year. The prior year’s recipient presents the award to the new recipient.

The Legatus Award, recognizes the work and ministry of a member of the religious, clergy or non-member laity, active in Colorado, whose ministry exemplifies the mission and ministry of Legatus, “to study, live and spread their Catholic Faith in their professional and personal lives.”  Most often, this award has been given to those with great efforts in the defense of the lives of the unborn.

The 2015 award went to Father Doug Grandon.

The 2014 award went to Archbishop Samuel Aquila.

The 2013 award went to Paula Suhr of Lighthouse Women’s Center received the award for her pro-life work.

The 2012 award went to Fr. Andrew Kemberling of St. Thomas More Catholic Church for his strong and vocal stance against the HHS mandate.

The 2010 award went to Laura Salvato for her work in Pro Life causes.

The 2009 award was presented to Deacon James Wall from Sts. Peter and Paul Parish.

The 2008 award went to Fr Joseph Cao, in recognition of his pro-life work.

Fr. Robert Reycraft received the first Legatus Award in 2007  award for his continuing devotion and commitment to support the work of Pro Life causes within the Archdiocese.

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