Dear Fellow Legatus Members,

I am certain that the entire Denver Legatus Chapter joins me in thanking Craig Saeman for his passionate and exemplary leadership of our Chapter in 2015. With Craig’s able assistance and guidance we have grown measurably in our personal and communal journeys as members of the Lay Christian Faithful and we’ve amply enjoyed the enduring pleasures of fellowship, worship and learning as we’ve gathered for our monthly meetings, forums, retreats and social gatherings. Equal measures of gratitude are extended to Fr. Traynor, Fr. Grandon and all of our board members and volunteers who contributed so much time and effort to our wide-ranging efforts last year. Particular thanks are due to Celia for another great year as our coordinator, to Steve Corder who just completed 8 years of outstanding work as our Treasurer, and to Shelly Saeman whose good cheer, hard work and all-around effectiveness are always noticed and continually appreciated.
Upon exiting a church in Florida recently I spied a sign on the door which serves as both a sober warning and a clarion call – “You are now entering Mission Territory.” I believe this pithy message fully encapsulates our theme for 2016 which is “Go, therefore, and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19). Known as “The Great Commission” these words were spoken by Christ near the end of his earthly life and they unequivocally provide our daily marching orders and add great gravity to our efforts as parents, spouses, friends, and employers/employees.
An interesting component of this evangelization imperative is its simultaneous ability to humble us, to reorient our souls to Christ and others, to awaken and release our vast energies and capabilities, to decenter us from crippling selfishness, to help us submit to a greater power, to elevate those we meet, and to embrace the fact that this path is not always efficiently or amply illuminated. In short, each faith journey is individually metered with space for celebration, transformation, occasional setback and ultimate victory if we act fully in concert with the loving presence that created us magnificently for his purposes.
Doran Oancia and the entire 2016 board have diligently crafted a slate of inspiring and challenging speakers, have designed diverse retreat and worship opportunities and have scheduled various social gatherings to strengthen our ever-growing bonds of friendship and trust. I thank each of these people in advance on behalf of the entire Chapter for these noteworthy efforts.
Every day we experience a myriad of opportunities, both those we seek and those thrust upon us, to enter Mission Territory and to do God’s work to the best of our abilities. My hope and fervent prayer is that our Legatus experiences in 2016 allow us all to animate these encounters with ever increasing good humor, vigor and fortitude.
Pope Francis, as usual, aptly and succinctly frames our current, ongoing and never ending quest – “Every Christian is challenged, here and now, to be actively engaged in evangelization.” With these last words in mind I wish each of you the best of all things in 2016 and offer my pledge to do all I can to help further our important work as Christ’s Ambassadors in the families, workplaces, and world we inhabit.


Walt Coughlin

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