Rosary /Reconciliation

Monthly Reconciliation is available at 5:45 pm before our monthly meeting in Father Scott Traynor’s office at the JP II Center at 1300 South Steele Street.  His office is the closest to the bell tower entrance to the chapel.  The door will have a sign that says, “Legatus Confessions.”

A Rosary is prayed before each regular monthly meeting starting at 6:00 p.m. in the Christ the King Chapel at the JP II Center.  Please join us as we pray to the Holy Mother to intercede for our personal intentions.  Mass follows at 6:20.

We are considering forming a workshop to support members who find it challenging to live out their faith within a secular company.  Contact John Zimmerman at if you are interested.

Faith Journey

At chapter meetings,  a seminary student or current member  gives a short message about their own faith journey.   Contact if you wish to share your faith journey at one of our chapter meetings.

Prayer of Saint Thomas Aquinas

Thanksgiving after Communion is a spiritual practice to those who give thanks and praise to Jesus Christ for his gift.  Legatus National and Denver follow this tradition with the Prayer of Saint Thomas Aquinas after each Mass celebrated with fellow Legates.  This practice allows us to maintain ourselves in prayer for a time after receiving the Real Presence of Jesus Christ.

St. Thomas Aquinas Prayer
Lord, Father all-powerful and ever-living God, I thank You, for even though I am a sinner, your unprofitable servant, not because of my worth but in the kindness of your mercy, You have fed me with the precious Body and Blood of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that this Holy Communion may not bring me condemnation and punishment but forgiveness and salvation.

May It be a helmet of faith and a shield of good will. May It purify me
from evil ways and put an end to my evil passions. May It bring me charity and patience, humility and obedience, and growth in the power to do good.

May It be my strong defense against all my enemies, visible and invisible,
and the perfect calming of all my evil impulses, bodily and spiritual. May
It unite me more closely to You, the one true God, and lead me safely
through death to everlasting happiness with You.

And I pray that You will lead me, a sinner, to the banquet where You, with
your Son and Holy Spirit, are true and perfect light, total fulfillment,
everlasting joy, gladness without end, and perfect happiness to your saints.
Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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