The Denver Legatus chapter  is always searching for qualified practicing Catholics to join our National Organization and Chapter. Please view the following membership criteria. Contact our Membership Chair for further information.

Executive Membership Criteria

Primary membership for the top ranking Catholic in a business

Requirements Manufacturing/Sales/Service Financial Services
1) Title Chairman, President, CEO, Owner, Managing Director, Managing Partner, Publisher Same titles
2) Personnel 30 employees OR 10 employees and $1M annual payroll 10 employees
3) Volume/Value $5 Million OR $10M Net Value $100 Million (assets)
Division Head Membership Criteria

For heads of divisions or subsidiaries: Titles other than those listed above may qualify, subject to the review of the Legatus Membership Committee.

Intermediate Membership Criteria

Adjusted Criteria for Applicants under the age of 40

75% of full criteria. 15% prior 3-year growth. Must meet full criteria by 45th birthday.

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