Legatus (Ambassador in Latin) is an international organization of business leaders and their spouses.  Legatus National,  located in Florida, is responsible for organizing national events, maintaining member databases and benefits and providing resources to each chapter.  See http://www.legatus.org for more information about the national organization under which Denver is organized.  Our dues and *initiation fee for 2016 follow.  Dues are prorated based on the membership month.

The total amount for both Chapter Dues and National Fees for 2016 is $3,250. For new members there is a one-time *initiation fee of $1,000.  The fee is broken out as follows:

Local Chapter $1850
National Office 1075
Holy See  325
2016 Total $3,250
*Initiation Fee 1,000
*TOTAL $4,250


Dues and initiation fees for new members (Chapter dues are prorated by month) are due upon acceptance and agreement to join Legatus.  Current members are billed each fall via mail/email.  Payment is due in December which covers the next calendar year.

*Note: The initiation fee is a one time only fee for new members and may be used as a credit toward a National convention or pilgrimage registration for up to 18 months from payment.

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